8th Conference Lean Learning Academy Rzeszow

, red. Dorota Stadnicka

On 25 May 2018 in Rzeszow, the 8th Conference Lean Learning Academy took place. The Conference was combined with the presentation of the results of the ILA-LEAN project.

During the Conference, in the presentation of Dr Irena Dul from Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A., the industry expectations regarding employee competencies, including soft competences were presented, as well as the need to apply a new approach to teaching current students in the presentation of Dr Arkadiusz Gola from the Lublin University of Technology was emphasized.

Then, the ILA-LEAN project Partners presented issues related to the implementation of the Lean concept in the areas of office and knowledge work.

Presentations from the Conference to download:

1. Significance of soft competences of engineers for effective work in modern industry – problems and resistance – Irena Dul, Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A, Rzeszów, Polska

2. Modern challenges in the education of engineers for the needs of industryArkadiusz Gola, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin, Poland

3. Why office and knowledge work efficiency is important? – Eija-Riitta Niinikoski, Ville Isoherranen, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

4. Lean concept in innovation creation processChandima Ratnayake, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway

5. Problems and solutions of new products implementation to productionClementina Freitas, Latino Group, Braga, Portugal

6.  Improvements in office and knowledge work in a small mechanical firmLaila Salte Gausel, Salte AS, Rogaland, Norway

7. Process mapping in office and knowledge work Rui Sousa, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

8. How to implement 5S in office areas? – Chiara Longhi, Centoform, Cento, Italy

9. Problems and solutions concerning the planning processDaniel Safin, Restol Sp. z o.o., Bratkowice, Poland

10.  How to access the knowledge about lean in office and knowledge work? Results of ILA-LEAN Project Dorota Stadnicka, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland.

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