The Tablet Course

red. Dorota Stadnicka

Content of the course

Introduction  PDF

1. Introduction to lean concept TC1    PDF

     1.1. What is „lean”

      1.2. History of lean concept development

      1.3. Why do we need to learn „lean”?

      1.4. Lean Principles

Test 1

2. Office and knowledge work TC2  PDF

     2.1 Office and knowledge work definitions

           2.1.1 Office and knowledge work continuum

           2.1.2 Office and knowledge work productivity dimensions

    2.2 Wastes in office and knowledge work

Test 2

3. Lean tools implementation in office and knowledge work

     3.1. Review of lean practices, methods and tools used in office and
          knowledge work TC3.1           PDF

Test 3

     3.2. 5S method TC3.2    PDF

              Links to movies:
                                          - 5S that works: Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3,
                                          - 5S fail: Movie 4

Test 4

     3.3. Process mapping in office and knowledge work TC3.3  PDF

Test 5

     3.4. A3 Report implementation in knowledge work TC3.4  PDF

Test 6

4. Use of Lean Concepts in Innovation TC4  PDF

Test 7

Bibliography  PDF